10 July, 2007


"The problem with learning English from role playing games is that I know what chain mail, banded mail, plated mail, king's mail, and scale mail are, but I don't know what a nozzle is..."

08 July, 2007

Adventures in Korea

“South Korea?!” you ask. Yep, that’s where we were. CM2007 was a global missions conference 4 years in the making, hosted by South Koreans. They generously provided all in-country transportation, housing, and food for everyone who came – no small feat! There were about 9,000 Koreans and about 7,000 international attendees (mainly student leaders and CCC staff) from over 120 countries around the world.

We brought 5 students from Rijeka, and it was quite a week. Cross cultural experiences abounded as we made many new friends, ate loads of kimchi and rice, got soaked by the monsoon season rain, explored the open markets, tried to decipher the intense recycling protocol, crammed into the subway morning and evening, and attempted (poorly) to master a few basic language points – ‘hello,’ ‘thank you’… yeah, just those two I guess.

The conference was held in Busan, at the Busan Exposition & Conference Center (BEXCO). I very much enjoyed this description I found on the BEXCO website: BEXCO is a high-tech structure designed after a sea gull soaring to the Pacific Ocean, combined with a cruise ship.

The week as a whole was probably best documented by Matt here. Whatever you do, don’t miss the CM 2007 dance break footage…