11 June, 2006

Some graffiti I thought was cool...

Introducing: Zlatko, the Tiger Pirate

Every team needs a mascot, right? Well, the legendary Rijeka Tiger Pirates are no exception.

Meet Zlatko (which, when roughly translated, means "gold")-

Actually, his name is still under consideration and may change with or without notice.

How do you feel about the 80's?

Check it out.

09 June, 2006


Last weekend I went to Zürich to visit some friends for a few days. Thank you so much Will and Sarah for being wonderful hosts and letting me come stay with you!

Zürich is the cleanest place in the world. I got to go see some nice views and historical sites, and spend some quality time with baby Charlie. He’s a stud.

On Sunday we went to Will’s work/school/futuristic compound and saw some nifty cryogenic freezers and huge labs with intense looking equipment, etc. It was fun. Except for the no-skateboarding-allowed part. I also went to Starbucks for the first time in 9 months, and visited Grossmünster (Zwingli’s headquarters for launching the Reformation in Switzerland back in the day).

08 June, 2006

Uncle Rico

Words cannot describe the creepiness that is Tim with this mustache.
For more (you sick, sick person) go here.

Amazing Race

Apparently there is this reality television show in America called The Amazing Race, you may have heard of it. It’s been around for a few years now, and the theme of the big summer English Workshop is based on this show.

Unfortunately, the networks here in Croatia haven’t picked up the series and there are many Croats who are unfamiliar with it.

In one Advanced English course (taught by an American professor, no less!) there was an hour-long discussion about these mysterious white supremacist posters up advertising something about an Amazing Race. Yeah, that’s us. As you can clearly tell by the seagull used in the photograph, we are all about Aryan domination. Good grief, talk about a public relations nightmare.

For anyone who has ever watched Office Space:

Express yourself.

Summer project...

…is here. Pete wrote some nice introductory stuff, check it out. They are a great group and won’t be here for long, but it’s been fun getting to hang out a little bit.

Thanks, guys, for coming to help us out and encourage us!

Split: Conclusion

Here is Nedo’s business card. You can see that he is a friendly guy, though I have some questions about the pictures used to advertise the rooms.

It was a fun weekend, though by now it seems like ages ago. We got to:
-Play Frisbee in the sea
-Listen to a disproportionately high number of U2 songs in one café (seriously, 5 songs one night, and at least 4 the next morning)
-Drink capfuls of plain olive oil offered by a vendor (although, looking back, we’re not sure if she really wanted us to drink, or just smell/rub it on our hands…)
-Watch Tim and Sara be all married-couple-ish, cuddling and saying things like, “You’re just so cute!!!! You should be illegal!”
-Play pinochle
-Drink too much coffee
-Meet this girl named Carly. She was awesome and we spent ½ the day with her on Sunday talking about deep things and just hanging out and having fun.

Gay-ly Forward

So this girl Carly we met in Split told us this story.

A gay couple came into the restaurant she was working at and asked where the nearest gay bar was. One of the guys was decked out Elton John style, with white pants, a long white jacket, jewelry, and rose-colored sunglasses with the little crystal heart on one of the lenses. His buddy was the small, fit, trophy type. Carly was giving them directions to a place that might suit them and started to say, “Well you get on the road and go straight” when Elton reached out his soft hand and stopped her.

“Oh, honey, we don’t go straight. We go gaily forward!”