08 June, 2006

Split: Conclusion

Here is Nedo’s business card. You can see that he is a friendly guy, though I have some questions about the pictures used to advertise the rooms.

It was a fun weekend, though by now it seems like ages ago. We got to:
-Play Frisbee in the sea
-Listen to a disproportionately high number of U2 songs in one café (seriously, 5 songs one night, and at least 4 the next morning)
-Drink capfuls of plain olive oil offered by a vendor (although, looking back, we’re not sure if she really wanted us to drink, or just smell/rub it on our hands…)
-Watch Tim and Sara be all married-couple-ish, cuddling and saying things like, “You’re just so cute!!!! You should be illegal!”
-Play pinochle
-Drink too much coffee
-Meet this girl named Carly. She was awesome and we spent ½ the day with her on Sunday talking about deep things and just hanging out and having fun.


Brian said...

yeah, so i wouldn't list watching the sery's make out in public as a highlight. making fun of tim for making out in public, now thats a highlight.

Alexis said...

Sorry, I'm afraid the eye-rolling and sarcastic tone didn't quite come through quite the way I wanted it to there. I agree, not a highlight.

Tim & Sara said...

Nobody made out, per se, in public, you losers.