08 June, 2006

Amazing Race

Apparently there is this reality television show in America called The Amazing Race, you may have heard of it. It’s been around for a few years now, and the theme of the big summer English Workshop is based on this show.

Unfortunately, the networks here in Croatia haven’t picked up the series and there are many Croats who are unfamiliar with it.

In one Advanced English course (taught by an American professor, no less!) there was an hour-long discussion about these mysterious white supremacist posters up advertising something about an Amazing Race. Yeah, that’s us. As you can clearly tell by the seagull used in the photograph, we are all about Aryan domination. Good grief, talk about a public relations nightmare.


Zoran said...

well you shouldn't go around confusing your fellowship :) i saw another version (at the student's center) with an old lady (maybe that got them confused)

Alexis said...

Sorry Zoran, we're not trying to confuse anyone. But keep in mind that the posters and advertisements were designed by Croats...

Up for a rematch of German Uno anytime soon?

Zoran said...

I think I actually might be up for Ultimate + German Uno.

Why didn't you come up with that idea yesterday? It would stir up things a bit.

Alexis said...

I know, sorry you had to experience our extreme boringness last night. We were tired!
Next time, though, the Uno frenzy will begin.

Also, I saw your friend Masha today up by Trsat. She's nice.

Zoran said...

I hope I wasn't showing my resentment too openly :) we had some laughs though so I still enjoyed myself.