09 June, 2006


Last weekend I went to Zürich to visit some friends for a few days. Thank you so much Will and Sarah for being wonderful hosts and letting me come stay with you!

Zürich is the cleanest place in the world. I got to go see some nice views and historical sites, and spend some quality time with baby Charlie. He’s a stud.

On Sunday we went to Will’s work/school/futuristic compound and saw some nifty cryogenic freezers and huge labs with intense looking equipment, etc. It was fun. Except for the no-skateboarding-allowed part. I also went to Starbucks for the first time in 9 months, and visited Grossmünster (Zwingli’s headquarters for launching the Reformation in Switzerland back in the day).


sarah may said...

So glad you were able to come visit! We loved having you stay with us and attempt to beat us at Settlers. :) And thank you so much for graciously offering to watch Charlie for us so we could go on our first real date! We had a great time.

You and your team mates are welcome anytime you wish to take a holiday to the great chocolate haven that is Switzerland. We may just have to make a trip your way sometime soon.

'til the next Settlers match-up...
~Sarah May, Will, and Charlie

Carolyn said...

don't you love Switzerland? So very ORDERLY.

monica said...

sounds like you had a great time in Switzerland! glad to see you back safe and sound, and blogging away!

Krista said...

Maybe we'll go visit some time! We liked seeing the picture of old friends from Seattle.