14 September, 2005

Communism- It's good to get crapped on!

Today I was walking down the street and my friend told me that in Croatia it is considered good luck if a bird poops on your head. A long conversation ensued and it was proposed that, most likely, it was something communist leaders told the people to reinforce the concept that, although things seemed less than ideal, everything was actually in everyone's best interest.

After many hours of travel, our whole team is finally together in Rijeka. We are happy and healthy for the most part, and starting tomorrow we will be gone for 5-6 days at a conference for everyone in Bosnia and Croatia.

Praise God that we are all here! It really is a miracle. One couple and I still have some more to raise, but others on our team have extra that should cover what we lack. This was wonderful to find out because so many people have been praying that we would be able to come.

I love Croatia! The last couple of days have been sort of a blur, but it will be great to make this city home and start learning the language and meeting more Croatians soon.

Most of the bus ride from Zagreb to Rijeka on Monday was spent sleeping, but I did take this picture during the 5 minutes or so I was awake:

07 September, 2005

I'm really not a cat person...

This is Bob. He was rescued from the woods after surviving multiple cougar attacks. Among his injuries were a broken pelvis and ribs, severe scarring, and extreme malnutrition. Now he is doing much better, but he wheezes a lot and is really too fat for his small frame. I love Bob.

More urgently: my flight leaves in 4 days and 6 hours. There is so very much that needs to happen between then and now, and I really don't know how it all will. I still need $750/month in pledges. I am praying that God provides that very very soon, because it is hard to pack and shop and run countless errands and say goodbye to people you love while still feeling the need to spend a lot of time emailing and calling people about money. On some level I know that if this is supposed to happen, then God is more than able to provide what I need however and whenever He wants to. Just remembering that is hard sometimes.

I said goodbye to my little sister tonight. It was quick and strange and didn't sink in, but I will miss her a lot.