14 September, 2005

Communism- It's good to get crapped on!

Today I was walking down the street and my friend told me that in Croatia it is considered good luck if a bird poops on your head. A long conversation ensued and it was proposed that, most likely, it was something communist leaders told the people to reinforce the concept that, although things seemed less than ideal, everything was actually in everyone's best interest.

After many hours of travel, our whole team is finally together in Rijeka. We are happy and healthy for the most part, and starting tomorrow we will be gone for 5-6 days at a conference for everyone in Bosnia and Croatia.

Praise God that we are all here! It really is a miracle. One couple and I still have some more to raise, but others on our team have extra that should cover what we lack. This was wonderful to find out because so many people have been praying that we would be able to come.

I love Croatia! The last couple of days have been sort of a blur, but it will be great to make this city home and start learning the language and meeting more Croatians soon.

Most of the bus ride from Zagreb to Rijeka on Monday was spent sleeping, but I did take this picture during the 5 minutes or so I was awake:


Anonymous said...

You sure know how to write a headline!

What a beautiful picture - I hope to learn and see more of the Croatian countryside (and urban areas)!

Happy to hear you're "in country" and healthy. Godspeed and blessings,


BoomerBlog said...

Ignore brendan above - in trying to find my blogspot user name I got the name and pw right for someone else!

Anyway - love the blog and thanks for the emailed pics!

Bye for now...

Kathryn said...

Thank you for posting on this blog to keep us updated, Alexis. We miss you already. By the way, I've always known it was "good luck" to get pooped on by a bird - I remember my grandmother telling me not to wash it off when I was little! I don't think she had any communist motivations, but certainly a tendency to look on the bright side.

Monica said...

The Chinese have a similar believe. I've heard that they think that if a bird poops on your head you are going to be receiving money soon. Two years ago, a bird pooped on my head and no money came my way; all I got was gross poop! :(

Kerri said...

Hey Alexis-
I hope your time on the island was AMAZING. I miss you so much and miss being able to call and chat about nothing between classes, and well...lets be honest, all the time. I hope you are getting all settled in and everything is going well. E-mail me when you get a chance.
love kerr

Tobin "The Blade" Youngs said...


Life is no good here...I miss you like a sister, and I feel so alone without you. the emptiness is tearing me apart...couldn't ya just come home?

At any rate, uh, re: the poop-- awsome.

How long did you have till you overdrafted? I am searching for the check, as well as the letter you claim is on your bookshelf (?)

Maybe that was email talk, not for the general public to recieve, but as long as poop is good luck, financial distresses are like gold.

I like this little blog, makes me feel like I am making a difference in Croatia.

FYI: Hurricane Rita is coming... oh how she's coming ("Lovely Rita!")


Anonymous said...

This is great, dear. I'm glad you have it so we can keep updated on your work in Croatia.

Anonymous said...

Hey, tell us another story...

kerr said...

wow, we are all really enjoying your frequent and informative updates. Keep it up!
love ya

tandyharolds15046578 said...
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Jeff Renner said...

Alexis, Hurrican Wilma is on its way.... FYI

BoomerBlog said...

Hey !? - what happened to the post from Oct 17 ? ...