17 October, 2005

It's been a while.

So, it has been about a month since the last update. Shortly after the last post, we spent about 5 days on the island of Murter for a conference. Besides going to meetings, we swam in the sea, explored the hills filled with wild olive trees and ancient rock walls, and ate shark for the first time.

Sara’s brother Jesse and his friend Matt joined us for the last few days and traveled back to Rijeka with us before continuing their travels through Europe. The bus ride home was about 6 hours long, and when we arrived at the bus station at 11pm we met 4 traveling British girls who wanted to hang out at a café or bar before catching their 5am bus to Italy. We were too tired to go out, but invited them to our apartment to sleep for a couple of hours.

As it turned out, there wasn’t much sleep to be had, but it was fun getting to talk with them. Ellie, Hattie, Lizzy, and Thea all recently graduated from high school and were having a fun few weeks before starting ‘uni’ [-versity]. The British vocabulary in general is amazing.

Our first week doing ministry on campus was rainy, but good. We had a bunch of students over to hang out towards the end of the week and after spending a few hours at the guys’ apartment we all migrated to this café/bar by the name of ‘art club’ or something like that, and it totally felt like someplace in Seattle. Cool lighting, local art on the walls, random furniture, etc. However, I did notice that absinthe was available to order, and that’s not too common in most Seattle coffee shops…

Some recent cultural experiences have included haircuts and washing machine repair- nothing terribly exotic.
Pictures will be posted soon (the internet connection is not suitable for that at the moment), as well as a description of our landlord, and hopefully other interesting things.


BoomerBlog said...

Thanks for the update...

How goes the interaction with the locals? Do they speak english mostly versus you getting on in Croatian?

Anonymous said...

ohhhhh, i miss that beautiful country. let me know when and if you'd like to hook up with Nina and Andrej. they would love to meet you! enjoy the language, the people, the scenery for me! Hvala! :) shana (in seattle - mars hill)

metafiz said...

ha, i came by to leave a note saying you need to update soon (the masses are crying out for news). but lo and behold you had just done so.

glad things are going well. we continue to keep you in our prayers.