25 October, 2005

Another first

Sorry for the technical difficulties some (3 or 4, maybe?) of you may have noticed. The previous post should be back in action. Now, on to more important things. Tim paved the way and experienced the team's first appendectomy! Thursday night he went to the hospital, and they removed his appendix on Friday. It was quite an adventure for all of us, but mostly for him. Thanks to those of you who were aware (or unaware) and were praying for him and the team. He was released from the hospital yesterday and is now recovering nicely at home.

Here is an awesome poster we saw in the hospital.

And here is the room where he, Sara, and John spent an anxious Thursday night awaiting test results and surgery.


BoomerBlog said...

Good to here of Tim's successful outcome.

Great pictures! Love the pictures - Rijeka is beautiful.

BoomerBlog said...

I can't spell! should be "hear"

t. said...

I, too, am glad to hear that all is well---regarding your last post....I just learned what absinthe is.....fantastic!


kerr said...

Nearly another month has gone by with no telling of how you are, how your team is, how the prank went through..or if you are even alive still. we miss you.