03 December, 2005

Take Two

So, 7 people from Montana are here this week visiting and encouraging us. I hadn't met any of them before, but they are pretty cool and it is fun to meet other Americans. They brought us marshmallows, peanut butter, and various other essentials from home.

Unfortunately, Katie arrived feeling sick. She was diagnosed with tonsilitis 2-3 weeks ago, and decided to come to Croatia armed with amoxicillin and prednazone (spelling??). Her condition worsened over the week, and yesterday we went back to our favorite hospital in Rijeka. We didn't know if she had mono, pneumonia, or something else. Last night she went to a bigger hospital in Zagreb and spent the night in intensive care, and today she is in serious condition and has been moved to yet a third hospital.

This is no fun for her. Please pray. Thanks.


Sarah May said...

Alexis, we'll be praying for your teammate Katie. May God do a miracle while she is there.

Sarah May said...

Just read your other post about Katie. My heart breaks for her family. Praise God that He is in control and He will take care of them and your team.

Anonymous said...

Hi Alexis,
Just read last night on the MH site that Katie had died. My heart is just broken for all of you and her friends and her family. We know that she is in a much better place, but everyone else has great loss to go through. Pastor Mark talked on Sunday that Jesus was fully God and fully man, but that he didn't use his diety to escape the wounds and sorrows of the world. What a picture. In my times of deepest pain I thought of Him, and knew that I had not suffered like he had. He sweat blood. I never have. Praying for all of you and Katie's family. Love, Ellen Matthewson