27 December, 2005

I Love Music

But not just any music. Not, for instance, the current selection of adult soft-rock classics playing in this café. Not that there’s anything wrong with Carole King, Peabo Bryson, Whitney Houston, or Celine Dion. It’s just that the songs they sing hurt and deeply defile my soul. It’s funny, though, because there are people that I love who would disagree, and that is okay.

More to the point, though, recently I found some Sufjan Stevens Christmas songs that have made me very happy (thank you to this guy for being the catalyst in this discovery). I’m not sure that was correct usage of the word ‘catalyst,’ so if it was incorrect, I apologize to anyone who noticed. Sufjan Stevens is fantastic in general (thank you to this guy for originally suggesting his music). The internet is great for discovering new music and learning about the music community. I miss KEXP (my favorite radio station), though, and having more constant exposure to new and varied music. We don’t have an internet connection at our apartment, so no online listening for me this year.

[This post was written a week before Christmas but not posted until now…]
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Garland said...

I made Alexis' blog! Hooray! Thanks for finding the Sufjan Christmas album which could be downloaded free! Fortunately there are still many days left in Christmas, so it is not untimely. And Alexis, take heart! Did you know that you can listen to KEXP via iTunes radio? Just look under the "Public" channel. There it is 90.3 in Seattle. Merry Christmas!

tim said...

hey alexis, i have more christmas music for you, even though it is over. 2004 list, 2005 list!

tim said...

oops, here's the real url for the 2005 list. merry christmas! (happy new year!)