31 December, 2005

Come On Feel The Illinoise...

All kinds of people are listing Sufjan Stevens’ newest release, Illinois, as one of (if not THE) top album of 2005. It is a great batch of songs that I am still absorbing. Some of my personal favorites for the year are:
Plans- Death Cab for Cutie. For some reason I cannot stop listening to this!
Cold Roses- Ryan Adams. Again, strangely addictive.
The Essential: Bob Dylan. Clearly, these songs have been around since long before 2005, but it was only this year that I really fully appreciated ‘The Bob’, as my brother calls him.

Side note: I have not grown more fond of country music this year, though Pete keeps forcing it on us. Gosh. How inconsiderate.

On a completely different note altogether: My most recent language blunder- I was trying to say ‘often’ (često/chesto) and instead said češko/cheshko, which means ‘person from the Czech Republic.’


Matt Mikalatos said...

Note to Pete On Country Music: STOP JUST STOP!

pete zagorda said...

It will only get worse Alexis, i do this to help you to not miss your sister so much, i am really just concerned for you is all. now prepare yourself to listen to singers with names like: Garth Brooks, Chris LeDoux, Kenny Chesney, Dirks Bently, Brad Paisley, and the cream of them all, Tex Crenshaw....ha i just made that one up, what a crapy name to have, Tex Crenshaw....sorry if anyones name is Tex Crenshaw who is reading this.