25 April, 2007

I'm fluent in JavaScript as well as Klingon [White & Nerdy]

Okay. Taylor and I have spent 4-5 solid hours working on some important videos. We were recently loaned a video camera from the states and were pretty excited to start using it. It works great, and is much better than the low budget video function on our digital cameras. We filmed the interview clips we needed without a hitch, and even fooled around doing silly stuff a little bit, too. Next step: onto the computer for editing. That's where the issues began.

We used no less than 4 cord/memory card options before finding a suitable transfer method. Then we had to locate and download driver software that would allow the computer to recognize the camera hardware. Unfortunately we only found software for PCs, no love for the Mac. We could get the video onto Taylor's computer, but she couldn't edit it. So we needed to convert the file format in order to be able to use the editing software on my computer. The ensuing chaos was nothing short of traumatizing. Between the two of us we installed 9, yes NINE, different programs designed to help us do just that. I felt like I was in some awful dream version of Hackers. There were zip files, codecs, and binary codes involved, and I will probably mumble about MPEG4s and AVIs and those blasted ASFs in my sleep tonight... Amazingly enough, Taylor figured out a way to get it to work, but it's not ideal so we're hoping for more breakthroughs tomorrow.

Anyway, all this reminded me of this one night that we went over to Dario's and he turned on a VH1 special called Big in '06. It was kind of a shock to discover how out of touch with pop culture I've grown, but my favorite part by far was Weird Al Yankovic's performance of "White & Nerdy."

Go ahead, take in the brilliance:

Full lyrics available here.


Daniel said...

Holy cow, I seriously think he gets better with age. I think even though he essentially does the same thing over and over again, his inspiration (the pop music landscape) changes so much that he's able to stay fresh and freakin' hilarious.

That video/song is one of the funniest things Mr. Yankovic has done.

Alison said...

oh my goodness, i thought i was escaping the white and nerdy, due to the fact that i'm mostly clueless, but HOW i used to love to beat minesweeper. hours and hours i used to play that thing. my ultimate goal was to beat each level in succession, 1 game per level.

yikes. very nerdy.

Alexis said...

YES. Minesweeper. Yet another reason it is good that I use a Mac. No minesweeper to suck me in.

I'm glad that our homeschooling days conditioned us to embrace and rejoice in nerdiness rather than fearing or denying it...

Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me with your brilliance.

How the heck are you, by the way? (How the heck are you - a nice white & nerdy thing to say, right?)