12 August, 2005

Change of plans

My new departure date is September 10th. Our team will still meet up for a week of training/briefing from August 17th-24th, then half the team will fly to Croatia, and the other half (including myself) will fly home for another 2 weeks to continue to prepare and finish raising support. I am a little sad that we'll have to split up that way, but incredibly grateful for the extra time to pack and spend time with people before leaving. Financially, things are going a bit better, too- only 45% to go. God is so good, and He is continuing to demonstrate His faithfulness every step of the way. Thanks for your prayers!


metafiz said...

i know that has to be a little frustrating...you get all psyched up to leave and then have to wait a bit longer.

i just thought i would leave a comment because no one else is. your blog looked lonely.

alexis Youngs said...

Thanks for the comment. You were right, it was lonely.