05 January, 2007


I really enjoyed this most recent batch of holiday revelry, and one thing I particularly like about Christmas in Croatia is the little Santa train they have driving around the Korzo playing music and ferrying kids around. One day I was walking along and saw it headed my direction. A little boy about 5 years old, I’m guessing, had his hand stuck straight out the side of the train, like he was signaling a left turn or had been waving and stopped mid-way. On a whim, I stuck out my palm and met his, high five style. We never made eye contact, but it pretty much made my week.

Doda's family dropped by a few days before Christmas.

Saying good-bye to Andy, circa 1:30am on Christmas.

Christmas day, once we got rolling again, was pretty awesome. Here's John and Sunny doing some creative cooking.

John and Allison look like brother and sister, in an awkward sort of way...

Our favorite Red Ninja!!!

Yay! A hat to complement the three pairs of mittens I received from my three roommates. :-)

A random assortment of presents and other weird stuff.

We also played some games, watched Home Alone, talked to people on the phone, and watched House. Good times.

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