05 January, 2007


On New Year’s Eve, Taylor, John, Sunny and I headed to Zagreb. We met up with Mario, a guy who lived with some of Sunny’s friends for a year when he was playing basketball in the states. His friend plays on a professional team here, and was out of town so his fantastic apartment was available. For some reason, Mario and his friend were incredibly generous and trusting and allowed us to stay there, along with a couple of friends who met up with us in Zagreb.

Mario and Sunny

We rocked in the new year by watching the fireworks in the main square, then squeezing through crazy crowds to get back to the apartment, where we watched Castaway on T.V. before falling asleep.

Weirdest thing in Zagreb: random graffiti extolling the…fame(?) of Ben Savage. Now, I have nothing against him, but why? Why him, of all possible celebrities? I don’t really get it. When I was younger one of my friends was in love with Fred Savage for a good 4 or 5 years. The Wonder Years = best show ever.


Matt Turkington said...

Hahahaha! The Wonder Years > Boy Meets World? I'm not so sure about that.....

Alexis said...

more like >>>

Kat said...

haha wow Ben Savage LOVE HIM :)


aka Italy STINTER

Matt Mikalatos said...

You know, I think he could really revive his career with the two films coming out this year. I think the names of the films alone will show you that they are shooting for an Oscar:

Palo Alto
Car Babes

Emily said...

I sure hope Matt had to do research to come up with that useful information.