09 February, 2006

Bosna i Hercegovina

We’ve been in Bosnia this week. We departed from Rijeka at 2:20am on Monday by bus and arrived in Sarajevo at 10:00pm by train. We spent the time sleeping, reading, talking, and watching episodes of House, this doctor show I have successfully gotten half the team addicted to. The city is difficult to describe, so I’ll use a lot of pictures. Something that can’t be captured on film, though, is the Islamic call to prayer we hear 5 times a day. There are mosques all over the place. Here’s one:

There are also a few churches, here’s one of those:

The old Turkish area of town is jam-packed with shops selling scarves, souvenirs, and various copper creations.
I bought a key chain with a shell on it- think siege, not sea.

They really love their chess here. There is an oversized chess set in one of the squares constantly in use, rain or shine:

One thing that is quite familiar is the prevalence of pigeons. Big, nasty flocks of them.

And here is the bird-man himself:

Can you find the pigeon?

Here’s a closer look:

And, finally, a commentary on the futility of mankind’s quest for posterity:

A few more almost-but-not-quite-familiar sights:

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