20 February, 2006

For Amie

For Amie
Amie is awesome. I have been friends with her sister, Alison, since I was 5 or 6, which means that she has known me for roughly 20 years. That is crazy. Anyway, she posted this list on her blog a few weeks ago and ‘tagged’ me, which I’m guessing means that I’m supposed to fill in my own answers and post. So here they are:
10 years ago~
I lived in Redmond, WA and my life revolved around ballet. I was at the studio from about 7 am to 8 pm, 5 days a week, and that pretty much covers everything.
8 years ago~
I lived in Atlanta, GA and trained and performed with the Atlanta Ballet. I missed my family and learned a lot about life.
4-6 years ago~
I lived in Richmond, VA: 2 years dancing, 1 year schooling. I made some great friends, grew up a lot, and had a pretty good time.
2 years ago~
I lived in Seattle and learned a bit about International Studies.
I live in Croatia and am hoping not to be deported.
5 yummy things~
bambus, pad thai, Cheetos, tuna noodle casserole, absolutely anything cooked by my Grandma
5 songs I know by heart~
Omaha, Kodachrome, Wonderwall, I Just Called to Say I Love You, Puff the Magic Dragon
5 things I would do with a lot of money~
give it away, travel, go to medical school, fly my family out to visit me, build a huge trampoline connected to a pool in the summer/hot tub in the winter
5 things I would never wear~
a tie, a velour leisure suit, a cheerleading outfit, hot pink lipstick, leather pants
5 places I want to escape to~
British Columbia, Greece, Egypt, Hawaii, Scotland
5 favorite TV shows~
The X-Files, The Office* [Garreth Keenan- heck yeah!], I Love the 80’s/90’s**, Jeopardy, The Cosby Show
5 things I enjoy doing~
Snowboarding, reading, laughing, watching movies, listening to music
5 favorite toys~
computer, iPod, camera, pen & paper, frisbee
5 scary things~
10 4-year-olds in tap shoes, an intermediate hill as a very-much-beginning beginner snowboarder, dead mice in the dish drainer, huge flocks of pigeons, Will Ferrell portraying a newly birthed baby

*The original British version, of course
**This educational program is the source of virtually all of my current knowledge about popular culture, given that I was in the combined social vacuum of the home-schooling and ballet worlds for nearly the entirety of both decades.


amieable said...

Dead mice in the sink sounds like the scariest thing in the world.

Yahoo! Thanks for the post. Even though I've known you forever, I learned new things about you.

metafiz said...

the cosby show rocks.