04 February, 2006

Here's some pictures of Hungary...

Pete, Sara, Tim, and Taylor riding the tram in Budapest

A cool sign in Budapest (with the covered market in the background)

The second largest synagogue in the world

A random university building

An amazing pair of elfin shoes

The Hungarian parliament building from across the Danube

Bowling was pretty awesome. As you can see, I am going so fast the camera can’t even capture me mid-bowl. Yeah, that’s right. I broke 80.

So hot right now

St. Stephen’s Basilica from a few blocks away

St. Stephen’s Basilica up close

Krista is amazing!


Matt Mikalatos said...

Hooray for Krista! If I wasn't married to her... I would marry her.

Matt said...

Holy Cow cool pics! I like the Hungry ones, but i especially like the Rijeka ones. Missing it all. The Korzo, poo canal... The Tigers? is that your name? Sounds all jungley and cool. Have you guys thought of bottling the poo canal smell and selling it on ebay? Or perhaps using for medicinal purposes. It seems like you could force unconscious people to smell it and it would wake them up, like smelling salt. Or maybe it would make them more unconscious as a result. More research needs to be done, but my point is, something that awful smelling has to have some major benefit to society that has yet to be discovered. I know that I had a greater appreciation for normally polluted air after having walked by poo canal, and thats a start.

Isn't Sara so cute? If she wasn't married... I'd tell Tim to marry her!! God Bless

metafiz said...

Glad things are going well in Croatia...i must admit i've been less than faithful in reading your blog. My apologies. Will continue to pray for you and your team.

keep rokken like dokken...

Ashley said...

I second the "hooray" for Krista. She's so cute, if she wasn't already married to Matt, I'd tell her to run far, far away. . . Oh, wait. I am like TOTALLY joking, ok? I mean that I would tell her to swoon at the very glimpse of Matt and to marry him because they are the best and would have the most adorable kids. Don't you agree Alexis?