24 January, 2006

Everyone says…

…that Stinters often meet their future spouses at the mid-year conference. For the record, I am staunchly against the whole conference-hook-up concept in general, and my roommates and I have discussed this at some length. Last month I watched Pride and Prejudice (yeah, the 5 hour A&E version), and finally learned what all the fuss was about concerning the ‘Mr. Darcy’ character (beyond the Colin Firth factor). Taylor declared that she wanted to meet her Mr. Darcy, and maybe all of us would at the much anticipated mid-year conference in Hungary. So, anyway here we are at said conference. On the day it started, John and I were dispatched to the airport to meet new arrivals and get them on the bus. Partway through the long afternoon I was busy working on something and a young gentleman who can safely be classified as ‘crazy hot’ approached us and identified himself as part of our group. At this point, my exact thought process went something like, “No way…That’s awesome.” The awesome thing being the potential of meeting multiple eligible bachelors of that caliber.
Of course I have to assure all of you that now, thankfully, absolutely nothing has come of silly talk and speculation- no impossible emotional entanglements or lingering distractions to worry about. And it’s a good thing, too, since I am up to my neck in emotional/mental/spiritual processing and trying to figure out what the spank I am supposed to be doing next year. Why are these decisions so hard for me to find clarity in?

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the cube keeper said...

I enjoyed reading your blog--I'm going to Croatia in June and found your blog while doing research for my trip. Keep up the good work.