27 January, 2006

Izvolite (eez-VO-lee-tay)

Izvolite is a word with many uses, but it is basically an invitational imperative (I don’t think that is an actual grammatical term, though it might be). Andy has written a song to capture its essence, and because Andy is a very talented musician, this is a million times better in person when you can hear the guitar and complex harmonies and vocal inflections, so try to imagine it that way. Here are the lyrics:

Is what you say
After “Hello” on the phone
Is what you say
When you’re in a store
And they want to say “Can I help you?”
Is what they say
When they want to say
“Here you go”
Is what they say
When you’re in line
And it’s your turn

There are so many uses
Sometimes it’s hard to remember
I forget
Like when you’re standing in a meeting
And everyone wants to sit down
Izvolite works there tooooo, tooooo
Izvolite sjesti! Izvolite sjesti!

(Sjesti = to sit down)

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