21 August, 2006

According to tradition...

...the week in Colorado did not fail to produce injuries. Yesterday our fearless leader followed in Tim Sery's footsteps and visited the emergency room. John and Andy were headed down the mountain on these scooter things and John decided to go off of some huge jump. He took it like a man, and ended up smashing his face, loosening his teeth, and requiring 9 stitches.
Meanwhile, our friend Bryon endured a bicycle mishap that involved a tire blowout at full speed, resulting in a grisly crash and broken helmet. Bryon and John met up at the hospital where Bryon accepted Vicodin, but John declined. Generally I highly respect and endorse John's decisions, but this one I question. It just doesn't seem like Advil would do the trick.

Anyway, it may be just another (fairly effective) ploy to gain recognition for the Greater Northwest sending region, but it's totally worth it. Again, sorry I have no pictures at the moment. Maybe soon, though, because other people took a lot.

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