09 August, 2006

Some Pictures From The Archives...

Here are some girls...

...and some boys.

Take note.

It's cold in the wintertime in Sarajevo, so this little girl threw some snowballs.

And I nearly killed myself trying to learn how to snowboard.

Tim just never ceases to amaze and entertain.

Pete and John really got into the whole tiger thing.


Zoran sent us off on our trip down south.


Here's Taylor, demonstrating her love for the sea.

We really did love our poor language teacher, Dragana, who was forced to put up with our disastrous study habits.


Taylor said...

Ah yes, the infamous boy butt picture. Oh, wow. I cannot believe how much I miss them, though!

Can you send me the pictures you have from the the last day together? Or just bring your laptop tomorrow, k?

Alexis said...

Yeah, I'll bring it down tomorrow.

Tim & Sara said...

This may be slightly old, but Taylor do you mean that you miss our boy butts? I never knew you noticed. A sincere and humble thank you

Matt McComas said...

Taylor misses the boys butts! Hhhmmm...interesting.

Taylor said...

Ok, you weirdos. I wasn't referring to the "boy butts" in what i missed. Rather, missing you, Andy, Tim, Pete and John. Seriously... I get made fun of even when we don't work together. ;P