20 September, 2006

A Conversation With Dario

This took place immediately after we arrived by bus in Rijeka last Thursday evening. Dario had just met Andy and Allison (which added up to about 10 seconds of interaction with them) and was driving me and some of our bags to the apartment:

Dario: So, how do you like the new team?
Me: They’re great, I think we’ll have a lot of fun this year. You’ll really like the new people.
Dario: It’s Andy and Allison, right? And they are married?
Me (trying not to laugh): No, no, they’re not married.
Dario: But they are “together”?
Me: No, just friends!
Dario: Have they been friends for a long time?
Me: No, they just met, we all sort of met at the same time.
Dario: Really!!??!
Me: Yeah... Just like our team last year.
Dario: Ahhhh! That is so great. This is the beauty of your group!

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Brian said...

What is it with Croatians and assumed hookups? Just Friends doesn't seem to mean anything to these guys...