18 September, 2006

This time I'll try not to forget.

Before heading back over here to Croatia, my life was pretty much consumed with raising financial support to be able to come and trying to get ready to go. On Friday, September 8th, I was at about 65% of what I needed. At that point the numbers had changed very little over several weeks’ time, and I pretty much figured that it wasn’t going to happen within a few days. But I sent out an email and a bunch of people were praying, and by Tuesday was up to about 85%. Additionally, some people had raised extra support on behalf of those of us who were low and we were able to leave on time. Through unexpected means and in unpredictable timing, God proved Himself faithful and trustworthy and able to defy my own lack of belief once again.

It’s funny how extreme and emotional and all-consuming it all seemed to me when I was in the middle of the questions: What is going to happen? Why isn’t my support coming in? Does God really want me in Croatia? How will I have time to pack and get ready when there’s so much to do and I don’t even know if I’m going?

But as I look back I see so many things to be grateful for, in spite of my confusion and distraction and frustration at the time. For one, our whole team made it! The same type of thing happened last year, so I don’t know why I doubted this time. For another, God used the experience to remind me of the many, many people He’s put in my life that love me and whom I love. So many friends and family members prayed for and encouraged me continually- an embarrassment of relational riches was made apparent once again and it’s hard to really even express my thanks. Finally, to top it all off, I got to have some fun, too! I had prayed for a while to have a little time at the end of the summer to rest and get ready for the year. For a little bit I was feeling frustrated and ungrateful because it just didn’t happen. But then I was thinking about it and realized that it really did, and I wasn’t looking. Even though life was still busy and I was easily distracted by my to-do list, God undeniably provided some good, fun, recreational, and meaningful time with the most important people in my life. So, yeah, in the end: no complaints.

Thanks, family! Thanks, friends! Thank you, God.


Brian said...

I've been thinking about how all of us in the states can help you out with this. right now my best idea is to start a pool, and we can all bet on when you'll forget this lesson, and you get the date two years from now. that way, if you don't forget until then, you'd get a sweet pay day.

or we can just pray for you. i guess that works too.

Melissa said...

Alexis. you, my dear girl. are in a good spot. keep remembering... keep remembering. I am praying for you!