22 September, 2006


Earlier this week we went to Zagreb for a few days to get together with our national director and the teams from Zagreb, Split, and Sarajevo for some planning and some bonding.

Here's Sunny at this weird, creepy café that was mainly empty, but had a bunch of scary paintings on the walls.

And here's John sporting a purse. Not even a man-purse, just a regular girl one. I think things have gone too far.

This is part of the Sarajevo crew. We like them a lot.


zoran said...

To tell the truth I would rather be carrying that small purse than the humongous one carried by Sunny.

Taylor said...

Hey! I like Sunny's purse. And John did give me my purse back after the tram ride. I think he just had to prove to Graham that he would do it.

zoran said...

I don't think he even stood out that much...don't know if that's bad or not :)

Anonymous said...

i really like sunny's bag, too - although i think i could probably fit inside of it. :)