06 June, 2007

Best Day Ever!

A couple of Saturdays ago a group of us spent the day at a children's home not too far from Rijeka. We had an amazing time hanging out with the kids and tie-dyeing some t-shirts, playing soccer and frisbee, eating ice cream, and swimming. At the end of the day I think we made a pretty much unanimous decision to return as soon as possible.

Igor was popular.

Here's everyone working hard...

...and playing hard.

This could be trouble...

This little guy had limited mobility but we played a very respectable and long-running game of Keep-The-Latex-Glove-Balloon-Up-In-The-Air-For-As-Long-As-Possible-Without-Letting-It-Hit-The-Ground. And I got to sign his cast.

Off to the pool!

Igor was very popular.

It was incredibly warm that day, and, well, the sea was refreshing.

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