15 June, 2007


Waaaay back in February we a) went to a Guns N' Roses tribute concert with Sunny's friend Jenna who came to visit and b) discovered a cool weekly jazz night at a nearby café. We attended pretty regularly for a while, but haven't gone to see them recently. Even so, we seem to keep running into the musicians in unexpected places like a friend's recital, a prayer and worship night on a visiting missionary ship, the movie theater, and, tonight, with a random orchestra doing some sort of cultural performance in an alley/courtyard behind the Korzo.


francine said...

so did you know that the rock n roll hand sign that sonny is flashing is even worse than the middle finger here in italy? apparently it means something to the effect of "your girlfriend is cheating on you" (obviously i stated that in PG terms for all the kids out there).

who knew.

francine said...

man i'm a jerk - i mispelled sunny's name. sorry.