03 June, 2007

The Internet = Good or Bad? You choose…

Real-life things I have looked up:

• How to tie-dye clothing
• The Croatian word for ‘goiter’
• James Hetfield
• Statistics on foreign drugs imported to the Netherlands
• Bird clip art
• Infanta
• How to shotgun a beer
• Homeless World Cup
• The plot of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (this was after viewing the film)
• Oxycodone and its uses
• The definition of teetotaler
• The Legend of Zelda FAQ
• Whiffle bat
• The ins and outs of correct apostrophe usage
• Brain


Taylor said...

I love that I don't doubt for a second that you looked all of this up... ha ha ha. what would i do without you? Well, i would never know what Infanta was supposed to mean.

Kat said...

I mean, that's the life of a missionary! our lives are so strange! haha

thanks for the comment.....good thing somebody understood :)

zoran said...

I just can't believe you didn't know what a teetotaler is. You used to be my hero....


Alexis said...

Well I knew what a teetotaler was, but I heard someone else define it incorrectly and wanted to double-check before correcting them. I was also curious as to the origin/etymology of the term.

Nerd-hero status restored?

Matt Mikalatos said...


Ha ha ha!