23 June, 2007


We had our end of the year party tonight, and John came back to join us! He's still not quite allowed to stay in Croatia, so we are headed to Slovenia tomorrow morning to spend a few days debriefing as a team. Then we'll be back in Rijeka for less than 24 hours before driving to Zagreb to catch our flight to South Korea for CM2007. More on that later...

While you wait, though, this is the slideshow we watched tonight:


Matt said...

Jody and I just sat here and watched this video and rejoiced with you and your team. Well done!

Krista said...

can't wait to see you!

Tiana said...

Goodbye's are never easy.
I'm on STINT in Lithuania and while we have one more year Lord willing I pray that you are able to say good, goodbyes.
Do you happen to know the name of the second song and who sings it? If so can you e-mail at tnweaver@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

you guys are so money...you don't even know it! love you all, excited to see you in a few months!!! pete

Alexis said...


The song is called 'I Must Go' by Late Tuesday.

Sunny actually discovered it - best goodbye song ever.

Anyway, hope that helps :-)