31 July, 2006

Are you serious?

My sister is small and cute. She is peppy and blonde and likes to play tennis, run, do workout videos, and cheerlead. This morning at work, a male customer was chatting with her and asked,
“So, when are you due?”
“Sorry, what was that?”
“When is your baby due?”
*blank stare*
Then he proceeded to reach over the counter and pat her belly(!).
“Oh, it must’ve just been the apron…”

This sent my sister into a morning of emotional turmoil. When starting her lunch break, her boss asked her what drink she’d like. “Heh. I’ll just be having water today…”
Another co-worker suggested that next time something like that happens, she could reply, “Actually, I just recently miscarried.”


Anonymous said...

Reason #5,037 why men should never, EVER make pregnancy comments. And reason #42,764 why NOBODY except doting parents and in-laws are allowed to "pat the belly."

Points for the co-worker with the miscarriage comment.

Zoran said...

I like how the co-worker thinks. If only I had a brain like that.

Hm, when I get to think about it, if only I had a brain.

Alexis said...

Zoran! How was Zadar? How is life in Rijeka?

Matt Mikalatos said...

I think the guy just wanted to touch your sister's belly.

Zoran said...

Zadar & Rijeka :) long story. I'll try to put together an email for you and Taylor. Maybe throw in a picture or two, as well.