03 July, 2006

It's been a few weeks...

The last few weeks were pretty busy. Shortly after the last post, Taylor and I headed to the Czech Republic with our friend Anja to watch her boyfriend compete in an international canoeing and kayaking championship. We had a good time, and Taylor wrote more about it here.

Anja and Tomislav

Right before leaving for our team debriefing time, we had a goodbye party to see all of our friends once more before leaving for the summer (or for good).

A few memorable quotes:

“The one good part about lame parties like yours, without all the alcohol, is that I can drive home afterwards.” –Zoran

“I’m so grateful to have you guys in my life. Please tell your friends in America that I’m so glad you came.” –Delores

“I have other friends (of course), but you guys bring… refreshment to my life.” –Goran


Taylor said...

Tears are coming because of those quotes... love you.

Zoran said...

You make me sound so mean.

And I object to not being in the pictures :)

p.s. i'm glad you'll be back, take care, and good luck with fund raising