27 July, 2006

Meet the Family...

This is my brother Tim and his dog, Bear.

Here's Tobin catching a frisbee.
Unfortunately I didn't give him enough warning before throwing one time and almost nailed a fellow park patron.

This is a picture from when I went hiking with my dad. It's nothing spectacular, but after being away for a while, it was great to get back into some green forest and walk around.

A few days ago I went to see a baseball game with Kerri and Tobin, and the Mariners pretty much sucked, but the sunset was nice, so Kerri and I enjoyed it while Tobin and his friends continued to witness the slaughter and generally cause mayhem in the stands.

The family dog, Sunny, is pretty furry, so my mom had her shaved for the summer. She looked like a whole new dog when she came home, and my mom was inspired by some colorful bingo markers she had lying around and went to town on the poor pup. That whole next week was pretty interesting, and every morning when I took her for a walk/run on the trail, she drew a lot of stares and a few compliments. She really looked like a character from a Dr. Seuss book.

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Taylor said...

Yay for the family! I hope to meet them sometime soon. And I LOVE the dog! I wonder if we can shave dots on our dog? He's black so the markers might now work...