06 July, 2006

Gender Lines

Overheard in the back room at Starbucks between co-worker and assistant manager:

Guy: “…I’d have to say my kryptonite consists of Jane Austen books. I sat and listened to my wife talk about them for 2 hours once, and I thought I was dead afterwards…”

Girl: “Oh, there’s a whole generation built on Jane Austen books… My kryptonite is pointless zombie movies.”

(Thanks to my sister for sharing this.)


amieable said...

Ha! For the boyfriend Longball and me, it is Jane Austen movies and boring war movies. For each Austen movie we watch, I have to watch a Platoon or a Das Boot.

Alexis said...

Ha ha, nice.

Krista said...

Matt felt this was the greatest eavesdropping blog entry ever. He has very strong opinions about Jane Austen. I'm sure he will share them if you make even the slightest reference to her. Looking forward to seeing you in a few days...