07 December, 2006

Cause For Concern

-Several nights ago, preceding the official commencement of our weekly apartment-cleaning party, I most definitely stated, “I think we’d better listen to Justin Timberlake.”

-On Tuesday I was on the Korzo with Allison and we saw a ridiculously adorable little black puppy. Now, that in itself is no crime. But it was SO CUTE, I literally almost started crying because it was just that cute. Seriously people, what the heck? I thought I was a stalwart anti-sentimentalist, but now I’m unsure.

-Tickle fighting has not only occurred, but has become commonplace(!).

I was worried about living with sorority girls. I thought we wouldn’t get along, wouldn’t relate, wouldn’t connect or find common ground. Never – never in my wildest imaginings – did I guess that I myself might be transformed into the bearer of such frightening and stereotypical hallmarks of extreme girly-ness. Heaven help us all.


Emily said...

Oh man! I hear ya...my roommates have been known to dress me up...one day they even did my make-up and hair. Yikes! Praise the Lord Amber has little feet, so there's NO WAY to talk me into the stilettos...love you.

Tim & Sara said...

Like what (hallmarks)?

Alexis said...

Oh, you know, hallmarks like uttering the words "Justin Timberlake," being brought nearly to tears by the cuteness of a puppy, and tickle-fighting.

I thought those would do it... But, no, this isn't enough? What else is there?

Anonymous said...