14 December, 2006

The Jaw Braw

My dear sister had jaw surgery last week to fix a problem that caused her jaw to keep locking open. This is the device that holds ice packs to her face. I think she pulls the look off pretty well.


kerri said...

thanks for that...if anything i thought you would show the ear that dad thinks resembles the bride of frankenstein, and braw with a W?

Anonymous said...

oh man, Alexis! You have missed a remarkably pathetic week in the life of your sister....it looks that there are tear tracks down her left cheek as well as perhaps a tear still brimming in her right eye. you really should be at home where the adventures never, ever stop.

Alison said...

oh no, Kerri! I wish you a speedy recovery.

(umm, how is it that Kerri always looks so ridiculously gorgeous? she can out-do anyone, anytime, jaw braw and all.)