04 December, 2006

Poet Laureate?!

My boss, a.k.a. ‘coolest boss ever’, hosted a poetry contest in order to designate poets laureate for a bunch of states that didn’t have them. The other entrants and winners were real poets, so I hope his choosing me
for Washington was not offensive to them. I’m pretty sure it was a sympathy vote after a blah week on top of losing tag rights(!), which was my inspiration in the first place. Anyway, you should check out the others. I’m not all that into poetry, but the ones that have been posted so far are pretty cool.

And since this is likely to be the only poetry-themed post around here for quite a long while, here’s the only other poem I remember ever having written, from back in 5th or 6th grade or something (hard to tell when you’re homeschooled…):

I like my marbles round and bright
I polish them ‘most every night
Some people think I’ve gone quite mad
But I’ve still got my marbles…


Daniel said...

You were home schooled? I had no idea! How long? All through high school, or just partially?

I was home schooled 5th, 6th, and 9th grades, myself.

Alexis said...

Oh, yeah. I was so homeschooled, it's not even funny. All except for kindergarten, part of 2nd grade, part of 5th grade, and my junior year of high school.

Anonymous said...

Love the poem! It's a keeper.

Tim & Sara said...

You are so darn cute.

Anonymous said...

holy cow, i SO remember this. i'm pretty sure that you included it in one of the hundred or so rubber-stamp-embelished letters that you sent me (all of which is still have, i'd like you to know.) i think 5th or 6th grade might be a little late, though; i'm thinking it was more like 4th grade. aren't we homeschoolers above the whole "grades" thing, anyway? or at least too busy baking brownies and arts n' crafting to really care?

we should email sometime. i miss you.

Alexis said...

Those were the days... How is New York, teaching, etc.? I've been thinking about you a lot lately. In fact, I'll just email you right now.