06 December, 2006

Warning! Read disclaimer first.

Disclaimer: Before watching this video, please note that there is mention of male genitalia. Consider yourself informed.

"Injured Bad"


Daniel said...

That was HILARIOUS! And adorable!

Amma gonna linka dat to ma site.

Alexis said...

Yeah, seriously. I got home today and Sunny showed this to me, we watched it about 5 times in a row and I knew I had to post it. SO CUTE!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm offended. I mean, we over here don't have such cool commercials for health insurance.

Oh wait, it's because we have universal coverage :P

Alexis said...

touche... although we seem to be unable to access this 'universal' coverage.

Anonymous said...

It's because your status has not been legally regulated...you are in a bureaucratic limbo :)

Anonymous said...

that was awesome.