12 December, 2006

What is a dekagram?

Today was officially set aside for a marathon-like cookie making extravaganza in preparation for the Christmas party tomorrow. We let all our friends know that our apartment would be open all day for drop-in baking, decorating, and socializing...

I call this one 'Homeless Santa.'

Homeless Santa and Found Object Holiday Tree join forces.

"How much is a dekagram?...Why don't you have a scale?"

Natasha, Taylor, and Doda are definitely busting some kind of crazy holiday moves. This came after a conversation that went something like this:
Bing Crosby Christmas album playing in background-
"Can we listen to some Christmas music?!"
"This is Christmas music."
"No, this is I want to die music."
Bing Crosby Christmas album no longer playing in background.

Later in the evening, John, Taylor, Allison, and Andy took some awkward prom-like pictures before heading out to the symphony, while Sunny and I stayed home and rocked the rest of the baking.

Whew. And somewhere in there I went to MUP and got a visa in my passport. Yay! It is valid for another 4 months.


zoran said...

About the prom picture: they look cute. But I would venture to say John and Allison, and Andy and Taylor would be more evenly matched. Love doesn't ask, huh?

Stacie said...

Is that Marichela in the middle in the top picture? I'm glad you guys are keeping in touch with her! =)

Hope things are going well over there! Happy holidays! =D

Andy Wheeler said...

Zoran - I would agree. The colors match better the other way. But, John did ask Taylor to go with him, so it would have been weird the other way. Though, since it was the "awkward prom" picture, it makes sense that the colors didn't match. I know mine and my date's didn't at prom.

One other thing I noticed is the rather large gap between my date and I. I'm slightly offended by that. Clearly no love from her.

kerr said...

sorry i didn't get your calls...i have a story for you when we do talk re: a filipino caroling family at our house when i was home alone.

Allison said...

Well Andy...I don't think you can make that assumption. Consider awkard prom from high school when you are too scared to tough the guy even if it's your friend. Or with some people (not this situation) the guy is creepy so you keep your distance so he doesn't do something inappropriate... And Alexis now that you are part of stupid beta crap, it's easier for me to comment. ;0)

Anonymous said...

I really dig the Santa hats with little braids! So cute!

And those cookies look sooooo good. Mmmmm.