24 February, 2007

Day Six: On Down to Monkey Town

We had a free day in the middle of the week. One group went to Granada to see historical sights, architecture, etc. and another group went to Gibraltar to see WWII stuff, eat fish and chips, and, mostly, to see MONKEYS!!! (Also known as Barbary Macaques.) That's right. We got to play with monkeys. You are soooooo jealous right now.

This little guy was cute, but tried to eat my bracelet.

Later he and Graham had some good bonding time.

They were pretty thorough in patting us down for snacks or other treasures.

In the Great Siege Tunnels we happened upon some wax figures, one of whom was General Ulysses S. Grant. They seemed to be having a good time.

A final contemplative shot.

For other thoughts and pictures on this experience, see John's post.

Does it really taste better? Better than what?


Jesse Schlender said...

Better than spam? Just a thought..

Youngs, Tobin said...

Whew...boy that's tough to swallow, Lady-A. I was damned sure I would be the first Youngs to touch a monkey.

I guess I will have to deal with that in my own way for a while...anyway, congratulations, I am happy for you, I hope it was worth it.