15 February, 2007

Day Two: On A Jet Plane

We took off pretty early in the morning, but before boarding we grabbed some breakfast. I had a little trouble transitioning to the new culture. After ordering and paying for, but before obtaining, my croissant and orange juice, I tossed the receipt in a fairly large trash bin. The thing is, I needed to show it to the people at the next counter to pick up the food. Not speaking Italian, my only option seemed to be dumpster diving. Weaving through a cluster of other hungry passengers I thrust my arm and part of my head into the can, and miraculously located the crumpled ball of paper immediately - and it was not nastified, bonus! Yay for breakfast. After browsing the duty-free shop looking at jewelry and gum (John and Andy were looking at short shorts, but we won't speak of such things here), we headed to the plane.

We all adopted different methods for coping with the lack of sleep. John chose to travel zombie-style...

...Sunny went with 'rockstar pissed'...

...and Andy and I opted for outlandish cheer - somewhat remniscent of Midwest State Fair goers.

We enjoyed this.

Another coping mechanism = hugging.

After two more bus rides, we got to Nerja, and it was beautiful! Look left, look right, smile.


Carrie said...

Just thought I would say hi and introduce myself- I've been reading your blog for a while and enjoying the details of your adventures. I was a missionary in Ukraine for a year, about 7 years ago (dang, I'm getting old!), and it's fun to read about some of your similar experiences in Eastern Europe. I hope your time there continues to go well!

Alexis said...

I love that my pictures make it into blogs. and have you ever been to the midwest state fair? they are AMAZING!

Alexis said...

oh haha I'm using your computer, and didn't even think that it would say Alexis said... because I haven't logged on, so these comments were actually said by sunny