24 February, 2007

Days Four and Five: On Monday and Tuesday

On Monday and Tuesday the conference got rolling, and Spain was still beautiful.

The 'chair' John is sitting on is actually Randall. Seemed like a good idea at the time, I guess.

The hotel had some pretty sweet flamenco dancers. They busted their moves and the reactions varied. Some watched in awe or enjoyment, some walked away in boredom, some averted their eyes for the half-naked belly dancing portions, some attempted to imitate, and some simply enjoyed the sensation of becoming noticeably more cultured people over the course of 20-30 minutes. Ashley and I entered into extreme flashback mode and remembered our years of Spanish dancing lessons. We laughed a lot and bemoaned the difficulty we had back in the day getting those blasted castanets to sound right or getting our skinny teenaged ballerina bodies to move in anything close to an authentic (i.e. sensual) Spanish manner. The two of us ended the evening by hiding out in a remote corner of the hotel basement, first trying to remember some Spanish dances, and eventually giving up and moving on to rehash some old ballet stuff. It was fun.

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