17 February, 2007

Day Three: On La Costa del Sol or Sunday Night Football

The mid-year conference was held in Nerja, Spain, and it was an ideal location- right next to the Mediterranean. It was also great to see old friends again after being scattered around away from home and family for so long.

She's one of my favorites :-).

That night we went to a near-empty pub and the guy working there was nice enough to put on the Bears/Saints game for 20-30 Americans. Here's Taylor, 'Jamin, John, and Graham enjoying some of the action.


Slim said...

Welcome back! Day by day recap?!? Even if you give up, it's already better than Taylor's effort. Speaking of whom, that guy sitting next to her looks really familiar.

who else would say something like this to you? duh, your sister said...

Hey- I just had an idea: what if I get a bachelors degree before I pursue nursing...and what if I majored en francais? ...and then participated in a french study trip this summer?...good idea, huh?

Taylor said...

Hey now! We've been busy, Jesse! Well, and I'm lazy. Seriously, I don't even know how to start talking about vacation, so I just decided not to. :) I'll skip it and come back to it as it influences my life later on. Then i can say something like "This one time when I was in Morocco..." and I'll sound super sophisticated and cool.