10 February, 2007

January Recap. Part 3: Plitvice

So there's this national park here in Croatia that is pretty famous, and very beautiful. It's a couple hours away and there is a series of lakes and waterfalls with trails to walk around, so we headed out with a few friends to enjoy the scenery.

Andy, Kamelija, and Sunny

On the drive home, it was late, cold, and dark but we still stopped at a park to enjoy some swings, teeter-totters, and this really nifty rocket climbing structure. I'm pretty sure NASA designed it to hold 4 children, but we managed to get 6 'adults' (not so sure that term always applies) inside.


Taylor said...

I want you to blog soon. I miss reading it. :)

Andy Wheeler said...

I would have to say that "adults" probably is the wrong use of wordage there. Nice try.