20 March, 2007

Back, hopefully to stay.

Okay, sorry for leaving you all hanging for so long. It has seriously been a crazy month. I don't know where the time went! Allison did a good job recapping here.

Andy's gone, John was almost gone, Jenna (Sunny's awesome friend) came and went, Pete and 7 guys from MSU came and went, our first big event came and went, Al and I left for Budapest and returned, and spring is here - although it's been cold and rainy for the last day and a half. And there were many mini-adventures in between all those bigger things! Important things, like Tay and I appearing in the famous Rijekan Carnival parade, and (again it was Taylor and I) having trouble at the Slovenian border - with a full on accusation of being terrorists (true story), and finding real live amazing jazz music every Monday at this swanky café not far from us, and watching Weird Al's 'White and Nerdy" on VH1 at a student's house... All of these things and more.

So much to share, so little time.

Mom and Grandma: I'm fine, please don't be mad and definitely don't worry. I will call you soon.

A picture of a neato castle we went to on Saturday:

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Krista said...

Hurray for blog entries from you. I've been waiting and waiting, mostly patiently. We just returned today from our Middle Eastern adventure. We'll have to chat soon...