31 March, 2007

Day Fifteen: On Sale!

After getting off the train in the morning we took taxis to the ferry dock. While waiting for our departure time, it became apparent just how truly nasty we were. Not only had we gone without showers for a few days, but we had been traveling in a sandy desert and on an African train, had been without normal bathrooms or soap and running water for a while, and were dealing with our own general human grossness, plus camel grossness, plus general public place grossness. In addition, Sunny and I both have a remarkable tendency toward oily hair, and by day 3, the grease factor was seriously sick. Hats were mandatory.

We took the ferry to Spain, then a bus to Malaga, where we were dropped off at a large shopping mall. Everything was shiny and glowy and clean and new and... western. We ate some Burger King, then went straight to the hostel to shower. Then it was go time, and the only thing all of us girls really wanted to do was shop, so back to the mall we went!

This taxi driver was great, he sang show tunes to us the whole way. So cute!

After a while we met back up with the guys and went to a great little Irish pub. It was then that I realized just how Irish I was - we were drinking Guinness, I was wearing green, U2 was playing, plus I had been reading James Joyce's Dubliners. (Which, by the way, I can't wholeheartedly recommend. Pretty dry. But I probably just didn't get it...) At any rate, we had fun celebrating the emerald isle during our last night in Spain.

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