25 March, 2007

Day Eleven: On Another Continent

In the morning, we were determined to get the heck out of Algeciras, one way or another. In an effort to explain/justify our general displeasure with the place, I would like to direct you to Sunny's description of our showering experience.

Thankfully, the boats were running again.

We saw this gem while waiting to board. Yes, that is blood. Sick, no? Also, these little tiny kids kept coming over and walking away with our container of Pringles. We didn't mind, but the moms were very apologetic. It was funny.

Arriving in Tangiers drove home the fact that we had landed squarely in an entirely foreign culture. We bargained for a few minutes to get a still slightly overpriced set of taxis to the train station. The sunset was pretty cool looking.

John, Allison, and I stayed with the luggage while the others went to dinner. We hit up some good hacky sack time before sheepishly remembering that it is a grave insult in Arab culture to show the bottom of your foot. We sat down and read some more.

The night train sleeping quarters were small, but decently comfortable, and John, Graham, Nova, and I enjoyed some random conversational getting-to-know-your-cabinmates-on-a-deeper-level time before going to sleep.


Krista said...

Thanks for your committment to blogging and seeing the day by day travel account all the way through!

Allison said...

So, as much as those kids taking your pringles were entertaining me...I was slightly disturbed when the little boy decided that bloody tissue would be just as fine to take as the pringles. So not ok.

Alexis said...

Krista, I think my main motivation is that this sort of serves as a scrapbook/record of life here that I would otherwise never have. It's for the grandkids.