25 March, 2007

Day Ten: On the Border

We took a bus from Malaga to Algeciras - the closest place from which to ferry over to Africa. Unfortunately, after waiting for a while we found out that no boats were running due to hurricane force winds!

This is the hostel we got. It had some cool Moroccan-style decor, and a sketchiness rating that was off the charts. We could see our breath indoors, there was no heat and scarcely any running water. Thankfully, toilet paper was available upon request.

"Din-Don" is the restaurant that was recommended to us for lunch before we found out about the ferry situation. After getting the hostel, knowing we had all evening to explore the city, we headed out looking for a good place to eat dinner. We walked and walked. Everything seemed to be closed! We kept walking and it started to rain. At one point we found an indoor kids play center that offered tiny pieces of overpriced pizza, but it was smoky and we still had some hope and determination so we pressed on. It got dark and started pouring.

We passed by some more places that were closed, and went down promising streets to no avail. I found a Bingo center that was open, but they didn't offer food. Finally we found this weird little fried chicken place. By that time we would have eaten fried umbrella, so we were grateful.

For warmth and safety we decided to push 3 beds together in one of the rooms for all 5 of us girls to sleep together. A little better in theory than in practice, but we just chalked it up to making memories and crawled on in.

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Allison said...

Seriously looking back onto this day..with two months in between it and me...I am thankful it happened simply for the sake of the story!