31 March, 2007

Day Fourteen: On Camelback

After some silliness before falling asleep (for some reason an unknown creature in the night grabbed both Sunny's foot and mine, which startled us a little...), we slept pretty comfortably and soundly out there in the desert - even though it rained, in the desert, which was odd. I mean, I'm used to that back home, but to come all the way to Africa and have it rain there was just unnecessary. We woke up, had bread and tea (they call mint tea 'Moroccan whiskey') for breakfast, enjoyed the pleasures of using the open sandy desert as our own personal litterbox, had toothbrushing/spitting wars, and re-mounted the camels. I have one word for that: soreness. Bigtime.

Here's Abraham contemplating the day ahead. He was actually really cool and we wished we could have had another day to hang out.

John's best effort at 'ninja chic'. Impressive.

Camel riding is a little awkward, there's really no way around it.

We actually all named our camels, but I am ashamed to admit that by now, I've forgotten the name I gave mine :-(.

Graham did some final bartering during one of our pit stops on the way back to Marrakesh.

Can you guess what this says? That's right, 'milk', good job.

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