24 March, 2007

Okay, I know it's gross, but...

...it was really pretty amazing. Here are some pictures after all:


In Process

The Final Product


Matt Turkington said...

That's disgusting. What I really want to know is how one discovers a talent like this. Does someone else shove a fork in his nose or did he just look at one someday and wonder, "hey, could I fit this in my nose?"

Anonymous said...

i am SO grossed out right now. but i think i'm going to have to show my team during our designated team banter time before our staff meeting tomorrow.

sick. but it's like a train wreck - you can't help but stare.

kerri said...

Hi, who is that? I'm afraid I would love to meet him.

Matt & Sharon Mormance said...

Alexis, thanks for the exploiting the only gift God gave me. Just kidding. Thanks for the press.

Alexis said...

Kerri, meet Matt Mormance.

Matt, sorry I didn't really ask permission, but I felt the public needed to know. I hope things in Kaunas are going well, that video is pretty cool!